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We believe in the potential and dignity of every individual no matter what their present circumstances.

At Rainfall Medicine, we do not see addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety and chronic pain as pathologies. Rather, they are journeys that can lead to discovery, reconnection and healing. We work with patients to find meaning in their suffering and overcome their past. By fostering a reconnection to themselves and others, they can heal in community. For many, these healing journeys lead to finding one’s life purpose.

When we overcome the stigma and judgment of trauma, mental illness, and addiction, we can treat ourselves and others with empathy and compassion. With less shame and blame, recovery from any type of affliction can happen more easily and we can move into a state of grace and wellbeing.

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our approach

Our treatment is integrative and intuitive.

Rainfall Medicine uses a personalized, evidence-based approach to treat addiction, depression, PTSD, chronic pain and end-of-life anxiety. Because these issues affect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person, treatment must also address each of these areas. Throughout our years of service and experience, we have learned how important it is to treat the whole person. We work to uncover and understand what is at the root of the adverse behavior because it is never the drug or any other maladaptive behavior. We use a personalized and holistic approach that integrates medication, meditation, counseling, neuroscience, exercise and stress reduction techniques to heal a traumatized, depressed or stressed brain. Through expanding emotional knowledge and range, our patients learn how to identify, allow and shift the pain and isolation. We provide guidance and tools to make changes that are manageable as well as transformative. We talk honestly about self-directed spirituality—without assumption or judgment—and how to find meaning in suffering. We rally your resilience and share our fascination with the brain and its capacity for growth and healing. 

We work hard to ensure Rainfall Medicine is a supporting, accepting and confidential environment in which you feel safe to explore the meaning of your suffering.  We show empathy and insight into the struggles you have experienced but we are also empowering about moving forward. We are committed to helping you arrive at a frank and complete acceptance of your journey and to support you at every stage.

Pain without meaning is suffering, pain with meaning is growth.

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