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addiction testimonials

Stories of Hope

“I am healing. I am learning who I am. I am progressing with my recovery and discovering all the many, many tools available to me. I want so much in life. I want to be much more than I am right now. As a patient of Dr. Rosonke, I believe all this is possible. Our visits give me a secure sense of optimism. I feel like anything is possible and that I can do this. Thank you Dr. Rosonke.” – E.A. –

“I would highly recommend Dr. Rosonke if anyone is struggling with drug addiction and ready for change. He has taught me how to be kinder to myself and a new natural way for me to fight depression. I have had many doctors over the years and not one can come close to how much Dr. Rosonke has helped me and for that I’m very thankful.”
– D.G. –

“As a patient I truly appreciate the time Dr. Rosonke took with me. It was very helpful in early recovery to have someone who truly cared about my life and struggles. While working with Dr. Rosonke I was challenged to continue to grow through self-reflection and changing the way I had allowed my addiction to hold me hostage to the behaviors that kept me in active negative thought. I have learned to forgive myself for my past mistakes and learned to value myself while learning new skills to become the best me I’ve ever been.” – N.C. –
“Dr. Rosonke is a passionate, caring physician and human being. He is very motivating, inspirational, and truly cares about his patients’ health and recovery. I learned this during my very first visit with him. Since that first visit, I now see my health and recovery in a whole new way. Dr. Rosonke has taught me so much about why I struggled with addiction. Knowing where my addiction stemmed from and learning about my PTSD has been instrumental for my growth. He gives direction, advice, and provides suggestions for a healthy recovery based on my specific struggles. I’ve learned to be more compassionate and caring for myself and that yoga and breathing exercises are important in my recovery. These are just a couple of examples of the many tools I’ve learned from Dr. Rosonke. He listens to and understands me. He holds me accountable which has helped me to find strength I never knew I had. I’ve said this many times – I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Dr. Rosonke.” – K.C. –
“I have been working with Dr. Rosonke for over six months now. I was originally referred to him by another counselor who felt he would be a good fit for me and my needs. I am an opiate addict, a functioning opiate addict, but an opiate addict nonetheless. This has been the case for several years now and I was desperate to get help. I have been seeing professionals and have tried several different types of medication in an effort to address my addiction. Dr. Rosonke is the 6th counselor/doctor I have seen during my journey. From the beginning, I knew I was dealing with someone who was genuinely invested in helping me get better. Dr. Rosonke is an emergency medicine doctor by trade but in light of the recent pandemic of opiate abuse, he decided to add addiction medicine to his repertoire as well. Dr. Rosonke stands out among the other doctors and counselors I have seen over the past 8 years or so. His candid, no BS approach was somewhat intimidating at first but after six months of in-depth counseling, I have come to realize this was exactly the approach I was looking for. He is exactly the professional I need. I have been able to not only address my addiction issues, but other mental health issues as well. He extends to me a reciprocal level of trust and respect. His knowledge and experience feels tailored to MY needs as opposed to some ‘textbook’ approach where one is made to feel like “Patient # X.” At the risk of sounding like some obsequious fanboy, I have accomplished more in 6 months with Dr. Rosonke than I have with the other five counselors combined. I’m not out of the woods yet, of course, but I have more confidence and hope than I’ve had in a very long time. I would highly recommend Dr. Steve Rosonke’s expertise and services. Whether the issue is addiction, mental health or any other issue where a talented, committed, experienced medical doctor could help, Dr. Rosonke is the person you’ve been looking for. My name is Patient # X and I approve this message…….” – Patient # X –
“In the course of my addiction I have seen many doctors, counselors, and mental health professionals. Dr. Rosonke is by far the best. Addiction is a symptom and until you explore it’s roots you will not have much success in treating it. He helps you explore your life story and the traumas you have experienced and how they have affected your life. Only when we start to understand these events can we start the healing process. Using the tools of conversation, meditation, and many other new techniques, he helps you begin to understand the choices you have made and how they have determined your path. I truly feel that if I had seen someone like Dr. Rosonke early on in my addiction it would have saved me and the people around me from some serious heartache. We all deserve to have happy and fulfilled lives, no matter how bad the choices we have made in the past. If you are ready for a change, I am confident he can help you!” – P.A. –
“Like many patients dealing with addiction, I tried to stop countless times on my own using willpower and regret over my last binge. It was never enough. Dr. Rosonke helped me see that recovery requires more than willpower. It requires lifestyle changes and a true understanding of the reasons we drink. I learned to be more compassionate with myself rather than angry and regretful over my addiction. All of this changed my trajectory and established a foundation that has allowed me to move forward with confidence. I can’t thank Dr. Rosonke enough for the help.” – B.I. –
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