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Dr. Steve Rosonke is the founder of Rainfall Medicine. He is boarded in emergency medicine and addiction medicine. He is also fellowship-trained in trauma and critical care. He has an unblemished safety record and has been treating patients with ketamine in a variety of clinical settings since 2001. Although ketamine as a medication has an excellent safety profile, complications of ketamine therapy can arise. Dr. Rosonke has the experience and training to recognize and treat these complications.

Dr. Rosonke founded Rainfall Medicine in 2018 to dedicate himself to providing effective treatment for mental illness, trauma, and addiction in a safe, peaceful, and inviting setting. In addition to his rigorous emergency medicine and critical care education, which was followed by years of direct clinical experience with ketamine for various applications, Dr. Rosonke was a participant in the first ever training cohort for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy through the Ketamine Training Center. He has since become an educator for the Ketamine Training Center, instructing other professionals on the safe and effective use of ketamine for mental illness.

Dr. Rosonke also has partnered with Polaris Insight Center and leads many ketamine trainings both online and in-person. Additionally, Dr. Rosonke and the Rainfall Clinic have been accepted into the training program for MDMA therapy through the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Dr. Rosonke also works as a consultant for training therapists and helping providers set up new practices. He is also a consultant for the Oregon Medical Board.

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Through his work in the ER, Dr. Rosonke has seen the unfortunate and often deadly consequences of untreated childhood trauma, mental illness and addiction. In the ER, there is minimal time to have full, in-depth conversations with patients to understand the core of their history leading to their mental anguish and/or addiction. Oftentimes, people present to the ER for physical complaints but at the heart of their problem is depression, anxiety, or developmental trauma. Dr. Rosonke has realized that amidst the frenetic pace of an emergency department, there is insufficient time to get to know patients fully and understand what is truly the source of their suffering. During the past decade, Dr. Rosonke has watched the social disconnection and need for distraction overwhelm our country. It is evident that we are in the midst of an addiction epidemic, as well as an even larger epidemic of untreated trauma and mental illness. Recognizing these unmet societal needs, Dr. Rosonke felt compelled to start Rainfall Medicine.

Dr. Rosonke embraces ketamine therapy to treat PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and addiction. Ketamine alone is just one component of the whole-person approach Dr. Rosonke practices. To effectively treat mental illness, trauma, and addiction, Dr. Rosonke also incorporates mind-body medicine, psychology, neuroscience, meditation, spirituality, consciousness studies, personal transformation, and trauma recovery. From the initial intake through the detailed preparatory and post- treatment integration sessions, he treats each patient with an individualized, integrated approach. He believes ketamine therapy is most effective in the context of a supportive relationship and aims to provide a safe environment for healing to occur. He believes we cannot heal, change, or become whole without relationships and community. During
each session, every patient has a caring staff member at their side for the entire course of their treatment to ensure physical, psychological and emotional safety.

For patients seeking help with addiction, Dr. Rosonke also utilizes traditional medication-assisted treatment (e.g., Suboxone, etc). Medication-assisted treatment for addiction is just one small component of the recovery process. Dr. Rosonke is dedicated to helping his patients understand the conscious and unconscious pain behind their addiction mechanism and how to move past it. His interdisciplinary, whole-being approach to addiction has led many patients on a successful journey to recovery.

Dr. Rosonke is deeply dedicated and brings his heart and soul to his work. He is accepting, nonjudgmental, compassionate, and offers unwavering and empowering support for his patients. He believes in the inherent worth, personal agency, and potential of each individual he works with while reminding them that there is an essence in them that is stronger than their mental anguish and trauma. He believes in the brain’s fundamental ability to change and heal. If you are struggling, Dr. Rosonke can help you see that neuroplasticity is within you and progressing toward happiness and wholeness
is your birthright.

Outside his practice, Dr. Rosonke enjoys spending time with family, time in nature,
snowboarding, mountain biking, and fly fishing.

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Steve Rosonke

Medical Director

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